Sumayya Alsenan

student work & testimonials

student testimonials:

  • Sumayya is an incredibly thoughtful and thorough teacher. She is patient, supportive and great at giving specific feedback that really helps students grow. Her future students will be lucky to have her!
    — Cari Sekendur
  • Sumayya's work as a teacher doesn't stop after graduation . She goes extra mile to help with her students job search and opportunities . During the 3 months in Shillington, the teachers are really carrying you, pushing you and after graduation, it's easy to feel lost in the sea of job interviews and freelance hustle so i can only appreciate Sumayya's follow-ups !
    — Océane Combeau
  • Sumayya taught me at Shillington College Sept- December 2013. Without exaggeration she is one of the best teachers I've ever had from piano teachers to Architectural lecturers. She instills humor and energy in her lessons and had me learning new ideas and new skills but also remembering and drawing upon, putting these lessons into practice even today. Without hesitation I would recommend Sumayya for any teaching role and on top of this i'm so pleased she is seeking this work out again. She is so dedicated to the students, even helping them in her own time and I found her to be the right balance of kind and motivating along with critical - which meant she got the best work out of all of us.
    — Kara